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Scientists from both China and Tajikistan have recently wound up a first stage field investigation in Tajikistan on the research of climate ecological environment change and observation network construction for their further study to tackle climate change impacts along the Belt and Road.

The 10-day investigation involved 10 scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), including three from the Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography led by Dr. YU Ruide and seven from the Institute of Atmospheric Physics led by Dr. ZHU Jiang, cooperated by scientists from Tajikistan Academy of Sciences.

Scientists from the two countries selected a future site for radiosonde detection, collected data in the observation stations, and gathered tree-ring data during their investigation in Dushanbe and Khujand of Tajikistan..

This is a key trans-national project supported by CAS for climate change research and observation. The project is dedicated to conducting analysis on ecosystem, climate change, hydrological cycle, and environment change. Scientists expected the research will help for theirclimate and eco-environment study and related risk evaluation.

Further cooperation between the two sides will see completion of the climate change research network and climate and eco-environment change database in countries along the Belt and Road. “This will be used for researches on the response of regional ecosystems to climate change, and provide scientific support to future strategic plan to tackle the climate change,” said YU.

The cooperation between the two countries will result in observations of more variables to support climate studies, including construction of observation stations and future joint research.

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