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On August 9th, students from the Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences, who supervised by the Professor Alishir Kurban, visited Guangzhou HiTarget Satellite Navigation Technology Co., Ltd. Xinjiang Branch. This group of students is composed by Chinese students and International students. They were together with Professor Reza Jafari from the Natural Resources Department of Isfahan University of Technology and Professor Mehdi Nadi from the School of Natural Resources of Survey College of Agricultural Science and Natural Resources all from Iran.

During this excursion, the team from HiTarget Xinjiang Branch headed by Wen Doudou presented a warm welcome to the group, and introduced the drone operation specifications, multi-rotor drone, tilt camera, ortho camera, video camera and flow meter indoors. They have also demonstrated the operation of the multi-rotor drone and showed in detail how to use Smart3D and Agisoft PhotoScan to 3D model the data of the tilt camera carried by the multi-rotor drone.Apart of the purpose of study and showing the high technology used by the Chinese company in surveying activity, the other purpose was to show to the international student and Iranian professor how much this technology can be easily used in their countries, just as the professors said “ the HiTarget is outstanding, and has good behave staff, we are thinking and consulting for starting using UAV in Iran specially for north forest of Iran and also for rice filed area. As testimonial, the international students said that, the high technology gained from their studies in China, has a big influence to the development of their countries in term of sustainable planification in different domain of work, specifically in Geographic information systems. Chinese students think their results of field work will be better and more accurate if they buy HiTarget’s drone and tilt camera, and they feel that they will do their careers in surveying and mapping companies like HiTarget in the future.

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