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Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences (XIEG), signed an agreement with the Institue of Physische Geographie, Freie Universität Berlin (Physische Geographie FUB) on 25th, April in Berlin, Germany for the cooperate on researches of ecosystems and environmental changes in arid lands.

The agreement was based on the founded Sino-German Joint Research Center for the Management of Ecosystems and Environmental Changes in Arid Lands (MEECAL). Exchange scientific information, and provide students and young scientists with international education and technical training opportunities will be put into effect between XIEG and Physische Geographie FUB according to the agreement..

The MEECAL serves as a scientific forum for Sino-German cooperation for long-term study of complicated interactions and impacts of human activities on land and water management, particularly on ecosystems in arid regions.

Comparison of ecosystem processes and environmental changes as well as their driving mechanisms between XIEG and Physische Geographie FUB is essential for advancing understanding of the mechanisms governing the relationship between regional and global ecosystem process and environmental changes.

“The comparative study will facilitate exploration of sustainable strategies and approaches for human to manipulate eco-environmental systems,” said LEI Jiaqiang, director of XIEG.

Established in 1998, XIEG dedicates itself to research on resources, ecology and the environment in arid areas. The institute plays the leading role in oasis ecology and desert environment, mineral and biological resources in Xinjiang, Central Asia and the world.

Freie Universität Berlin is a research university located in Berlin, Germany. Founded in 1948, it is one of Germany's most recognized universities, known for its research in the humanities and social sciences, as well as in the field of natural and life sciences.

The Free University of Berlin is one of eleven German elite universities in the German Universities Excellence Initiative.

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