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A book, Physical Geography of Arid Land in China, mainly edited by Prof. Xi CHEN from Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences has been published by Science Press in December of 2010. The book studies the interactions between various physical elements and human factors in the arid land of China. It makes an important step forward in the comprehensive and scientific research on regional geography. By thoroughly reviewing and integrating theoretical research and practical application of physical geography in recent 50 years, the book systematically presents the characteristics, natural resources and their rational utilization in China’s arid land.

   The book is organized into two sections and twenty chapters. The first section consists of ten chapters and describes in detail the interactions among the various physical elements in the arid land of China. Moreover, the formation and evolution of physical geographic patterns, and the structures and processes of the physical environment are also outlined. The second section consists of ten chapters, in which areal differentiation is described, and a scheme of physical geographic regionalization is put forward. Some rational suggestions and countermeasures are also elaborated on natural resource utilization, environment protection and sustainable social and economic development at sub-regional level.

   With plentiful contents and accurate data, this book is rigorous and distinct work, according with many innovative viewpoints and findings. All of these make the book a good reference for scientists, teachers and students who are engaged in research on geography, geology, climatology, hydrology, landscape ecology, agriculture, forestry, environmental protection and management in arid land.


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