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Spatial Distribution Pattern Changes of Oasis Soil Types in Manasi River Basin, Arid Northwestern China [2012-01-19]
Variations of Snow Temperature and Their Influence on Snow Cover Physical Parameters in the Western Tianshan Mountains [2012-01-17]
Simulation of the Relationship between Land Use and Groundwater Level in Tailan River Basin [2012-01-10]
Contribution of Root and Rhizosphere Respiration of Haloxylon ammodendron to Seasonal Variation of Soil Respiration in the Central Asian Desert [2012-01-06]
Comparative Proteome Analysis of Metabolic Changes by Low Phosphorus Stress in Two Brassica napus Genotypes [2011-12-30]
Fine Particle Emission Potential from Loam Soils in a Semiarid Region [2011-12-23]
Effects of Heat Treatment on Fluorescence Properties of Humic Substances from Sandy Soil in Arid Land and Their Hg(II) Binding Behaviors [2011-12-20]
Effects of Leaf Hair Points of a Desert Moss on Water Retention and Dew Formation Implications for Desiccation Tolerance [2011-12-16]
Impacts of Global Warming Perturbation on Water Resources in Arid Zone [2011-12-14]
Geochemical and Geochronological Studies of Granitoid Rocks from the Western Tianshan Orogen Implications for Continental Growth in the Southwestern Central Asian Orogenic Belt [2011-12-12]
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