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Breeding System and its Consequence on Fruit Set of Eremosparton songoricum [2011-11-21]
Monophyly and Infrageneric Variation of Corispermum L. (Chenopodiaceae), Evidence from Sequence Data psbB-psbH, rbcL and ITS [2011-11-16]
Calibration and Validation of Salt-resistant Hyperspectral Indices for Estimating Soil Moisture in Arid Land [2011-11-14]
Streamflow Simulation by SWAT Using Different Precipitation Sources in Large Arid Basins with Scarce Raingauges [2011-11-10]
Phylogeography of Lagochilus ilicifolius (Lamiaceae) in Relation to Quaternary Climatic Oscillation and Aridification in Northern China [2011-10-28]
Tolerance to Zn Deficiency and P-Zn Interaction in Wheat Seedlings Cultured in Chelator-buffered Solutions [2011-10-27]
Test of the Activity Budget Hypothesis on Asiatic ibex in Tianshan Mountains [2011-10-19]
Analysis of Dominant Factors Influencing Moisture Change of Broad-ovate Leaves of Populus euphratica Oliv. in Extremely Arid Region [2011-10-13]
Seasonal and Sexual Variation in Vigilance Behavior of Goitered Gazelle (Gazella subgutturosa) in Western China [2011-10-11]
Responses of Photosystem II of White Elm to UV-B Radiation Monitored by OJIP Fluorescence Transients [2011-09-22]
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