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Study on Photosynthesis of Populus euphratica in Relation to Groundwater Depths and High Temperature in Arid Environment Made Progress [2011-05-05]
The Study on Linking Root Morphology, Longevity and Function to Root Branch Order Made Progress [2011-05-05]
The Study on Ordination as a Tool to Characterize Soil Particle Size Distribution, Applied to AN Elevation Gradient at the North Slope of the Middle Kunlun Mountains Made Progress [2011-05-04]
The Study on the Role of Nonphotosynthetic Microbes in the Recovery of Biological Soil Crusts in the Gurbantunggut Desert, Northwestern China Made Progress [2011-05-04]
Research on Storage of Organic and Inorganic Carbon in Soil Profile from Forest to Desert Made Progress [2011-04-07]
Research on Spatial and Temporal Variability of Annual and Seasonal Precipitation over the Desert Region of China during 1951–2005 Made Progress [2011-04-06]
Research on Proteome Expression Patterns in the Stress Tolerant Evergreen Ammopiptanthus nanus under Conditions of Extreme Cold Made Progress [2011-04-02]
A Checklist on the Distribution of the Birds in Xinjiang Was Published [2011-04-01]
Limitations on the Recruitment of the Rare Sand Shrubby Legume Eremosparton Songoricum (Fabaceae) in Gurbantunggut Desert, China [2011-03-02]
Research of Fertile and Saline Inland Effect under the Shrub of Tamarix Made Progress [2011-03-02]
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