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Xinjiang Ecological Civilization Photo Series, The Plant World Was Published [2010-12-13]
A Method of Improving Drought-tolerance of Calligonum mongolicum Turcz. by Man-made Restoration in Arid Desert Region Was Invented by Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography, CAS [2010-11-26]
Scientific Expedition of Lop Nur Made New Progress [2010-11-22]
A brief introduction of a book, Environments of Gurbantünggüt Desert [2010-10-11]
The project, “Effects of Climate Change on Water Cycle and Water Resources Security in Arid Areas of Northwestern China” was launched [2010-10-08]
A book of “Ecological and Hydrological Studies of Tarim Basin in Xinjiang” was published [2010-10-08]
Results of the Project, Endangered Mechanism and Environmental Background of Rare Species in Junggar Desert, Was Appraised [2010-04-02]
Method for Raising Seedling of Apocynum venetum L. on Saline Soil Was Granted the Invention Patent Certification [2010-06-28]
Evaluating the performance of PC-ANN for the estimation of rice nitrogen concentration from canopy hyper-spectral reflectance [2010-07-10]
Hydraulic lift in Populus euphratica Oliv. from the desert riparian vegetation of the Tarim River Basin [2010-07-01]
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