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Joint Survey Gets Insight of Central Asia’s Ecological Environment and Resources [2016-08-01]
Precipitation Found to Affect Desert Ecosystem Carbon Flux [2016-07-18]
Desert Moss Found to be Expert of Water Collection for Survival [2016-07-08]
How are the Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Vegetation Coverage and Biomass of Temperate Deserts in Central Asia and relationship of Climate Factors and Biomass? [2016-04-14]
How are the Girdling-induced Alhagi sparsifolia senescence and chlorophyll fluorescence changes? [2016-02-02]
West Pacific Subtropical High and North America Subtropical High Are the Important Factors Influencing the Precipitation Change in Northwest China [2015-12-31]
How to Effectively Protect the Desert Riparian Populus euphratica of the Tarim River Basin? [2015-12-31]
Groundwater Has Significant Impact on Cotton Growth and Root Zone Water Balance in the Aksu Oasis of Xinjiang [2015-10-23]
Anti-predator Strategy of Female Goitered Gazelles (Gazella subgutturosa Guld., 1780) with Hiding Faw [2015-10-23]
Salt dust storm in the Ebinur Lake region: its 50-year dynamic changes and response to climate changes and human activities [2015-06-30]
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