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Our Library was established in 1956, now, it has become a modern, public S&T documentation and information center that integrates programs of service, research and education, performing the functions of science library in Xinjiang.


We houses 850,000 printed items in the domains of the basic disciplines of natural science and high technology, which are the most comprehensive and systematic collections . Especiallywe have some characteristic documents of Xinjiang .In addition, there are many Web-based database and CD-ROM databases in many disciplines. 


The building of us situates in the Urumqi, Xinjiang, with a layout of integration of storing, reading, consulting and lending, ranks among the most advanced automated, web-based, and intelligent libraries, as well as well-equipped electronic reading room. Its main services include document circulation, document retrieval, information consulting, audio-visual media circulation, users training, information investigation, database construction, promotion of scientific results and marketing of information products, and strategic intelligence research. The library integrates the walk-in services with web-based service to meet various needs of the users.  


The mission of us is to serve the scientific research, science and technology development and economic construction, provide S&T information support for the knowledge innovation system of CASand the economy ,science and technology of Xinjiang. 


Now, according to CAS pilot project of the knowledge innovation program, we are striving hard to build an open and integrated information service system to support the science research making such services available as One-stop searches, load on the Web, virtual reference, information push, and Web-based SDI. It will inter-link with the main large-scale libraries and information institution in China to provide a distributed and worldwide accessible networked information environment for the scientific workers, and contribute to the increasing of innovation ability and international S&T competitiveness.