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University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (hereinafter called UCAS), supported by all research institutes of Chinese Academy of Sciences (hereinafter called CAS) always follows the policy of running a school by joint effort. It is both a teaching entity and a managing section, which recruits and cultivates graduate students for all research institutes of CAS. It is also responsible for enrolling graduate students, making teaching plans, confirming their status as students, issuing academic degrees, etc. All research institutes of CAS (including research institute, working station, training or research center, etc.) are both scientific and research units and training bases, as well as active sections of education network for graduate students of CAS. Each research institute of CAS is specifically in charge of recruiting graduate students, drawing up teaching programs, holding thesis competitive examinations and carrying out administrative management, based upon its own need.

As for recruiting graduate students, UCAS implements a principle of both central controlled and classified management. UCAS is a managing section in charge of organizing, managing and coordinating work for graduate students and teachers, which includes making rules and regulations, management methods, general regulations and plans for recruiting graduates. Also, it is responsible for gathering examinees in Beijing region to register, preparing test work and unified proposition of some course test materials, setting up regulations of recruitment and balancing the quota of enrolled graduates among institutes. Each research institute is a practical entity in charge of recruiting graduate students and enrollment issues specifically based upon its own need. Therefore, examinees can not only contact UCAS, but also can directly enquire the desired research institute (including work station, training or research center, etc.) of CAS for advice before trying to register.

Distributed all over China, the education bases of UCAS are extensive branches in charge of teaching and administrative work for graduate students as well as basic teaching courses, academic exchanges and social activities for graduate students in each research institute, helping local research institutes have joint training program of multi-major courses for graduate students so as to promote newly rising science, cross science research development as well as sharing education resources with each other.



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