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Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences, is reorganized by the former Xinjiang Institute of Biology, Pedology and Desert Research and Xinjiang Institute of Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1998, and is the only institute of natural resources and environmental sciences of Chinese Academy of Sciences in the four minority autonomous regions of China. After entering the Knowledge Innovation Project, the discipline orientations and objectives of the new institute are to carry out the prospective, strategic and foundational research work in three main research fields, i.e. the oasis ecological process and evolution mechanism, oasis ecological restoration and environmental improvement, and natural resources exploitation and utilization and regional development based on the strategic demands of the Development of the West Regions of China; to aim at the international scientific development frontal of arid land research and develop the original scientific innovations in oasis ecology, desert environmental science and arid geography; to make the geo-predominance into full play, strengthen the institute development orientation of developing the disciplines with tasks, and gradually develop our institute into a top-ranking institute with the distinct characteristics at home and the important effect in the international arid land research field.

1 Invite applications for the disciplines and research orientations

1.1 Oasis ecological process and evolution mechanism

To carry out the studies on the ecological process of oasis ecosystems, coupling mechanism of the oasis-desert ecotones, and oasis environmental evolution and degeneration mechanism. To reveal the natural processes of water, land and biology in arid oases and their coupling mechanisms with human activities so as to provide the theoretical foundations and scientific bases for the management of oasis ecosystems.

1.2 Oasis ecological restoration and environmental improvement

To carry out the study on the integrated technological system for restoring and regenerating the degenerated ecosystems, undertake the experimental and demonstration study on the high-quality, high-yield and efficient oasis ecological agriculture, and develop the ecological industrial mode dominated by ecological conservation and with the optimized structure, stable ecology, and sustainable development of production capability in the oases and the oasis-desert ecotones.

1.3 Natural resources exploitation and utilization and regional development

To carry out the studies on the rational exploitation and utilization of water, land, biological and tourist resources, regulation of regional industrial structure, and urban and rural sustainable development. To undertake the scientific research on the numeralization and information of sustainable management of natural resources and environment, develop the comprehensive information system platform by integrating the space-to-ground observation, regional stationed monitoring and experimental and systematical analyses.

2 Conditions of the Invite applications

It is planned to invite the personnel who have doctor’s degree and the experience of scientific research work in foreign countries for more than 2years or the domestic personnel who have professor title. The invited personnel took charge of or participated in the whole course of research projects as the backbone members, made the outstanding achievements, and published 3 or more SCI papers.

3 Materials for the invite applications

(1) Copies of the personal resume, certificates of academic degrees and other certificates; (2) Working achievements, list of published papers, and three representative SCI papers with contribution factors; (3) Research fields and orientations of accepting the invite applications.

4 Remuneration and conditions

(1) Innovation professors, principals of research projects, tutors of doctoral students, and directors of field experimental stations; (2) To appoint the assistants and provide the scientific research conditions and the scientific research outlay of 2 million yuan RMB (for the expenses of scientific research, instrument purchase and accommodation) in 3 years, and the annual salary per person is 0.1~0.2 million yuan RMB; (3) To provide the consorts with jobs and the children with nursery and school.

5 Contact

818 South Beijing Road, Urumqi 830011, Xinjiang, China

Internet site of the institute: english.egi.cas.cn


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