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  Study period:

  Main accomplishing scientist: 1 Chen Xi

  Award: The research subject won a Second Award of Scientific and Technological Progress of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in 2003.

  Brief introduction of the research subject

  The Tabei Oilfield (40°50′~42°00′N, 82°00′~84°30′E) is located in the upper and middle reaches of the Tarim River, it covers Kuqa County, Kayar County, the main part of northern riverside of the Tarim River in Luntai County and Yuli County, Xinjiang, and is the main area of petroleum prospecting and exploitation of Northwest Branch, Xinxing Company, Chinese National Petroleum and Natural Gas Corporation. The terrain of the oilfield is smooth, however, the outburst flood, traffic hold-up, submergence of oil extraction areas and serious economic loss occur sometimes due to the river channel shift, serious flood overflow and fragile entironment in the middle reaches of the Tarim River. Moreover, the main part of the oilfield is located in a depopulated zone, the field petroleum prospecting conditions are extremely severe, the cost of petroleum prospecting is huge, it is difficult to arrive in many places, and there are a lot of difficulties for petroleum prospecting. It is of important significance to fleetly, roundly and veraciously derive the information about the stream systems, land cover and prospecting environment and to carry out the dynamic analysis and prediction. It is costly and inefficient and takes time to update and manage the data with traditional mapping means. After carrying out adequately the investigation and research, in October 2002 the leaders of Northwest Branch, Xinxing Company, Chinese National Petroleum and Natural Gas Corporation, entrusted Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Xinjiang Key Laboratory of RS and GIS Application to carry out the GIS-based and PC-based real-time three-dimensional virtual environment of Tabei Oilfield by using the domestic and foreign new achievements in fields of RS, GIS and VR and by regarding the high-resolution satellite images as the basic data. Thus, the spatial information of the oilfield can be expressed by the intuitionistic three-dimensional images. Moreover, the various thematic features can be superposed into the three-dimensional model to carry out the superposition analysis of the model and the feature attributes and display the information under the background of the spatial RS images and the thematic data, and the distribution of facilities of the oilfield can be displayed factually, visually and dynamically. The study results redound to the decision-makers to scientifically make the rational decisions of flood control and management of facilities and to achieve the modern systems of digital management, simulated planning and scientific decision-making.

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