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  Source of the research subject: The research subject was entrusted and supported by the National “863” Program of China for Large-scale Network GIS with Mass Spatial Information (Grant No. 2003AA135070); RS-based Quantitative Study on Ecological Security in Xinjiang (Grant No. 2001AC103); RS-based Quantitative Study on Main Water Resources in Xinjiang (Grant No. 2000--); Study on Evolution, Regulation and Control of Ecological Environment in Arid Areas of West China, Research Subject of the National Major Fundamental Research Program of China (Grant No. 1999043507 and 1999043508); Research Subject of Tackling Hard-nut Issues in Science and Technology of Xinjiang, Background Survey and Monitoring System of Ecology and Environment in Xinjiang, Xinjiang Management System of National Boundaries; Prophase Project of National Major Project Construction, Study on the Mechanisms of Water Resources Utilization and Water Consumption in Drainage Basins.

  Study period: From January 1998 to December 2004

  Award: The research subject won a national Second Award of Scientific and Technological Progress of China in 2006.

  Main accomplishing scientists: 1 Chen Xi, 6 Bao Anming

  Brief introduction of the research subject

  The research achievements were to consider the strategy of Development of the West Regions in China and the assistant decision-making of the relationships of ecological security between Xinjiang and neighboring countries, integrate the technologies of multiple disciplines, such as satellite RS and GIS, surmount the key technologies in satellite RS data interpretation, integration and shared services of multi-scale ecological and environmental data, integration of GIS and professional analysis models, etc., and develop three technical platforms and four running and application systems of typical services. (1) Basic technical platform systems: The RS satellite processing and management system of ecology and environment in Xinjiang, RS information products and their service systems of ecology and environment in Xinjiang, and shared service and evaluation system of information about ecology and environment in Xinjiang were developed, the important basic technical application platforms supporting the regional development planning and the ecological security monitoring and evaluation were formed, and a series of software products with proprietary intellectual property rights in the aspects of high-efficiency spatial data engine, RS satellite data interpretation, etc. were obtained; (2) Running and application systems of typical services: After integrating the RS, GIS and professional analysis models, four systems including the monitoring and evaluation system of land use/cover change in Xinjiang, system of redistribution and management of water resources in the Tarim River Basin, system of management information of terrestrial boundaries, and system of utilization of water resources of the international rivers were developed, thus, the stable and reliable running systems of typical services were formed and further developed, and a application system group of typical services was formed.

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