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  Source of the research subject: The research subject was entrusted and supported by the National Scientific and Technological Platform.

  Study period: From January 1, 2004 to December 30, 2007.

  Award: The research subject won a First Award of Scientific and Technological Progress of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in 2007.

  Main accomplishing scientists: 1 Chen Xi, 5 Bao Anming

  Brief introduction of the research subject

  The design and execution of the research achievements were based on the modern symbol system of geomorphologic map of map algebraic theories, 16 geomorphologic map sheets of Xinjiang on scale of 1:1000000 were charted, and a geomorphologic information system with 60GB data was developed. The research achievements have been applied and tested in some national key projects and some key projects of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, such as the projects of “Principal Functional Regionalization of Xinjiang”, “Forestry Regionalization of China”, “National Mapping Project of the Unmapped Regions of West China on Scale of 1:50000”, “Evaluation of Water Resources in Xinjiang”, “Planning of Emin River Basin in Xinjiang” and “Development and Demonstration of Key Technologies of Ecological Construction in the Wind-blown Sand zone in the Southern Marginal Zone of the Tarim Basin”; some national scientific and technological projects, such as the “Study on the Methods of Charting Landscape Ecological Maps of China on Scale of 1:1000000” and “Study on Regionalization of Ecological Conservation and Regeneration in Xinjiang”, were supported. Moreover, the achievements of geomorphologic data of Xinjiang have been entirely listed into the “Data-sharing Network of Earth System Science” of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and an information service is provided for the public. Some experts consider that a digital geomorphologic resolution technical system with the “unitive terms, unitive classification systems and unitive interpretable regulations” was firstly developed and put forward in the research achievements; some important innovations were achieved from aspects of geomorphologic symbol system to image the formation causes of geomorphologic features with speckles and to image the morphostructure with point, line and surface speckles, geomorphologic encoding system based on digital geomorphologic classification, and digital geomorphologic mapping methods. In the research subject, the technical methods were scientific, the theoretical principles were solid, the research achievements were matured and achieved to the international advanced level in general, and application of the achievements will bring about the significant social effects and economic returns.


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