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  Source of the research subject: The research subject was entrusted and supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China.

  Study period: From September 2002 to August 2007.

  Award: The research subject won a First Award of Scientific and Technological Progress of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in 2007.

  Main accomplishing scientist: 7 Wang Xueqin

  Brief introduction of the research subject

  The research achievements were based on considering the safety of the water supply project in north Xinjiang and the ecological security along the project, and a systematical experimental and demonstration research was carried out from the aspects of the environmental features in the wind-blown sand areas, occurring laws of wind-blown sand disasters, dynamic distribution laws of soil moisture content in suspended-humid sand layer, optimization of mechanical control systems of wind-blown sand disasters, vegetation regeneration without irrigation, etc. In the research achievements, it was put forward that there is a discontinuity of spatial distribution of wind-blown sand disasters and a temporal unconformity with blown-sand potential; the seasonal and vertical differences of soil moisture content in suspended-humid sand layer in the Gurbantonggut Desert were revealed; the technique of vegetation regeneration without irrigation was developed by using soil moisture in suspended-humid sand layer, and the technical systems of wind-blown sand disaster control were optimized. The researched and developed techniques were successfully applied in the mechanical control of wind-blown sand disasters. A wind-blown sand disaster control system of 168 km in length was built, and the forests of 2000 ha. in area without irrigation were afforested. A series of achievements were achieved, they can play an important role in guaranteeing the safety of the project and the ecological security along the project in desert, and they have also an important application value in the prevention and control of wind-blown sand disasters and the ecological construction in arid areas.

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