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  Source of the research subject: The research subject was entrusted and supported by the Development and Reform Commission of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

  Study period: From August 2006 to April 2007.

  Award: The research subject won a Third Award of Scientific and Technological Progress of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in 2007.

  Main accomplishing scientist: 2 Tian Changyan

  Brief introduction of the research subject

  The research subject was based on considering the difficult problems in preventing and controlling soil salinization in the irrigated areas in Xinjiang from the aspects of formation causes, types, grades, scale, distribution, etc. of salinized soil and its prevention and control strategies and measures, and the systematical investigation and research on the problems of salinized soil were carried out so as to satisfy the needs in the oasis security strategy and the planning of improving salinized soil in Xinjiang. Based on the CBERS information and 3S technology, in the research subject an investigation on salinized soil in the oases in Xinjiang was firstly carried out in China by taking province as the investigation unit, and a new set of grading and assessing system of salinized soil in the oases in Xinjiang was developed; according to the salt-water movement conditions in the irrigated areas, salinized soil is divided into 6 types for the first time, they are the stably desalinized type, unstably desalinized type, desalinized-salt-accumulated repeated type, continuously salt-accumulated type, salt-accumulated type caused by irrigation with salty water, and potentially salinized type respectively, which filled in a gap in this field; according to the formation conditions and distribution of salinized soil and the salt accumulation characters in the oases, Xinjiang was divided into 2 main regions (i.e. south Xinjiang and north Xinjiang) and 17 subregions, and the improvement directions and ways were separately put forward; a “Distribution Map of Salinized Soil in the Oases in Xinjiang on Scale of 1:1000000” was charted. Some experts consider that the key technologies in the research achievements were matured, the innovations were significant, the application value of the research achievements was high, and a leading level of the research achievements was achieved in China.

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