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  Popularization of scientific knowledge
  The Museum of Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences is a science museum about inland desertinvolving research on ecology and geography, samples collection, and science education.   

  The Museum built in 1956. It is one of the largest museum which is about the arid region in the northwest of china. 120000 samples include plants, animals, microorganisms, and soil.

  There are many rare samples in the museum. For exampleBetula (Betula halophila Chi ng ex PC Li) for the endemic species of plants in Xinjiang is only two in china. In additionnearly 200 species specimens endemic speciesrare and endangered speciesare collected in this museum.

  In support of Chinese Academy of Sciencesthe museum has a huge development in past decades years. The total area is expand to 4526 m2 (Turpan Desert Botanic Garden exhibition hall128 ). Every yearthere are a lot of vistors leaders scientists, the publicvisiting the museum.

  Nearly 2000 exhibition hall( Turpan Garden exhibition hall100m2) exhibits overview of Xinjiang (political district, regional, national, etc.), as well as desert, soilglaciersrivers,lakes, wetlands, oasis, animals and plants of Xinjiang.

  We welcome the scientists from china or overseas to work with us to study on ecology and geography.





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