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  The guidance thought of international cooperation of Chinese Academy of Sciences: It is established in the scientific and technological fontal research domains by paying attention to the substantial results and strengthening the cooperation and exchange with the European countries and USA, Japan, Russia, etc. with well-developed science and technology in the world. It is also to develop the academic exchange with the peripheral developing countries, tie in the national foreign guideline and policy at the strategic level, and strengthen the scientific and technological cooperation with the peripheral countries based on interchanging resources, sharing information, transferring technology and training qualified scientists and technicians.

  Since many years, the international scientific and technological exchange and cooperation of our institute has been steadily developed, our own characteristics have been formed, a multi-channel, multi-level, multi-form and all-orientational international cooperation and exchange pattern has been built up, the international standing has been promoted, many qualified scientists, technicians and management teams have been trained, and the study level has been increased. In the knowledge innovation experimental program of Chinese Academy of Sciences, our institute is fully cognizant of the importance of international cooperation. In order to achieve the innovation goal, the international cooperation strategic planning of our institute is confirmed, that is to actively develop the cooperation and exchange with the countries in Central Asia and Western Asia based on the geo-predominance of Xinjiang so as to build our institute as an internationally known institute with distinctive characteristics and important effects in resources and environmental research domains.

  The unique natural environment in Xinjiang is a “natural laboratory” for scientific research, and attracts many foreign scholars to visit, investigate and carry out the cooperative research projects. Currently, our institute has established the scientific and technological cooperation and academic contact with more than 50 countries and regions, the annual proportion of international cooperation and exchange of our institute occupies 1/5~1/4 of the total scientific and technological exchange in Xinjiang, and the stable development is continuously maintained. Through the active international scientific and technological exchange and cooperation, the new study concepts are brought into our institute, many scientific and technological backbones have been trained, some research achievements filled the gaps and took the highest level at home and abroad, and a solid foundation is laid for developing our institute as a first-class institute.

  In the international cooperation of our institute, five foreign experts won the “Tianshan Award” issued by the People’s Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region because of their outstanding success in research projects and big contribution to the scientific research work in Xinjiang. Through the international scientific and technological cooperation, the independent innovation capability of our institute is promoted, the publicity of Xinjiang to outside world is enhanced, and the scientific and technological research level of Xinjiang is increased.

  The cooperative emphases of our institute in the near future are to continuously develop and deepen the cooperative strategies with the peripheral countries, such as Russia and other countries in Central Asia, strengthen the scientific and technological exchange and cooperation with the developed countries in the world, and attract the European and American scholars to actively participate the regional scientific and technological cooperative research projects in Central Asia.

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