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Water Resource Management and Construction of Ecological Restoration Demonstration Plot of River Basins in Arid and Semi-Arid Area [2009-08-06]
Integrated Water Resource Management of arid and semi-arid ecological system in Tarim Basin based on the supports of hydrological model and remote sensing technique. [2009-08-06]
Arid Land Resources and Environment Cooperative Research in Central Asia [2009-08-06]
Restoration and Reestablishment of the Damaged Ecosystem in the Lower Reaches of Tarim River [2009-08-06]
Key Technology of Cotton Pest Ecological Control and Environment Health in Arid Regions [2009-08-06]
Regional Economic Cooperation in Central Asia and Eco-Security Strategy Research [2009-08-06]
Research on Landscape Changes and Regional Eco-security in Central Asia [2009-08-06]
Regional Digital Model Integration and Sustainable Development – A Case Study of Great Altay Digital Model [2009-08-06]
Cooperative Research of China, Russia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia in Altay Region [2009-08-06]
Ecological foundation of Sustainable Management of Natural Vegetation in Desert Areas in Central Asia [2009-08-06]
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