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PIFI researchers of XIEG receive Uzbekistan science awards


On March 5, the Ministry of Innovative Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan held an award ceremony for young scientists. The scholars were being honored for having achieved the highest Hirsch index (h-index) in four disciplines of science according to the Scopus database. Those disciplines were mathematics, geology, biology and chemistry. The awards were given by Deputy Chairman of the Senate Committee on Youth, Culture and Sports Dilorom Tashmuhamedova, and Minister of Innovative Development Ibrahim Abdurahmanov. The ceremony was attended by young scientists, researchers, members of the Youth Academy, and vice-rectors of universities. 

In accordance with the instructions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan about supporting talented youth, the award winners had made their achievements in or before 2020 and were under the age of 40. One selected scientist was given 100 million UZS as a mark of special recognition. Where several of the young scientists had the same h-index their financial award was divided between them. A total of six young researchers were awarded. In order to ensure transparency and openness in the awards a partnership was established with the Dutch information-analytical company Elsevier, the founder of the Scopus database. Elsevier provided information on the Hirsch index of young scientists working in Uzbekistan in 2020. Based on these data, Abror Khudoiberdiev (H-index - 9), who conducts research in the field of mathematics, was awarded an estimated 100 million UZS; in chemistry, Obid Tursunov (H-index - 14) received 100 million UZS; Ulugbek Abdufattaev (H-index - 6) and Tohir Bozorov (H-index - 6), whose scientific work in the field of biology was considered to be highly effective, were honored with 50 million UZS; and  in the field of geology the winners were Shamshodbek Akmalov (H-index - 5) and Elyor Toshmatov (H-index - 6), who also received cash awards. 

Tohir Bozorov and Shamshodbek Akmalov are PIFI researchers of the Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography (XIEG) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in Urumqi. Their cooperative work was applauded by the minister who recommended that they work to make cooperation stronger in all fields of science.

Recipient Tohir Bozorov

Recipient Shamshodbek Akmalov