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XIEG hold the eighth activity of Saloon for Scientific Exchange (SSE)


        The Department of Scientific Research Management and International Cooperation of Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography hold the eighth activity of Saloon for Scientific Exchange (SSE) On April 15, 2022.
        The theme of this event was “Sharing is Caring,” aims to discuss and share ideas on different aspects of life, education, and research. 
        The panel of the discussion consisted of 6 foreigners and 6 Chinese researchers. This event attracted more than 40 researchers and graduate students. After the formal introduction of the researchers, the discussion was started with a question that “What are the main characteristics of a good researcher?” According to Dr. Waheed “Curiosity” is the key characteristic of a good researcher. Dr. Akash emphasized “good communication skills”. Dr. Duan Weili mentioned “passion”.Dr. Osama described the “ability to work in a group”.  Dr. Zeeshan stated “patience and consistency” as the prime features of a good researcher.
        The following shared ideas included   “How to balance between social life and work life” “What are the biggest differences between researchers from different countries” “Which is more important for Scientific idea or Scientific writing”.  The experts also discussed the unnecessary use of mobile phones in our daily life and how it is distracting our attention. 
        In the end, participants appreciated the organizers for arranging such an excellent and healthy activity and emphasized that such kind of events should be organized on a regular basis.
        SSE is one of the brand activities of the Division of Scientific Research Management & International Cooperation of XIEG, which aims to build a platform for young researchers of the Institute to exchange and share scientific ideas, achievements and experience, expand research vision and improve innovation ability.