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Minister of Water Resources of Uzbekistan visits XIEG


On September 9th, Khamraev Shavkat, Minister of Water Resources of Uzbekistan visited the Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He engaged in friendly discussions with Director Zhang Yuanming, and had in-depth conversations on enhancing scientific and technological cooperation in areas such as water resource management, desertification control, and the ecological governance of the Aral Sea.

Zhang Yuanming extended a warm welcome to Minister Khamrayev and his delegation. He stated that XIEG has maintained fruitful cooperation with Ministry of Water Resources and related research institutions of Uzbekistan over time. Significant collaborative achievements have been made in areas such as water resource management in the Aral Sea basin and the reclamation of saline-alkali lands. Zhang expressed that the XIEG is willing to further strengthen scientific and technological cooperation with relevant research institutions in Uzbekistan. This commitment aims to actively contribute to the building of a closer China-Uzbekistan community with a shared destiny.

Chen Xi, head of the Xinjiang Branch, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that XIEG and Ministry Water Resources of Uzbekistan have signed cooperation agreement in various fields, including efficient water conservation, monitoring of water resources in the Aral Sea region, and prevention of salt storms. They have also published research reports on ecological governance of the Aral Sea with remarkable collaborative achievements. He expressed his hope for the increased application and demonstration of Chinese technologies in ecological governance and water resource management of the Aral Sea.

Minister Khamrayev expressed his gratitude for the continuous support of the XIEG for Uzbekistan's technological innovation efforts and the nurturing of young talents of Uzbekistan. He acknowledged the serious issues of land salinization and desertification in Uzbekistan, and stressed the need for deeper and long-term cooperation between scientists from both countries. This collaboration would involve the promotion and application of Chinese technologies and experiences in land improvement, salt-tolerant plant utilization, desert highway shelter belt, water-saving irrigation, and more. His visit to XIEG filled him with confidence and high expectations for future cooperation between the two sides.

Sun Wei, Director General of Foreign Affairs Office of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, Bao Anming, Vice President of the Xinjiang Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Jilili Abuduwaili, Deputy Director and others at XIEG were present at the meeting.

Exchange gifts (Image by Qiao Jianfang) 

Chen present research books to minister as a gift (Image by Qiao Jianfang)

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