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DELTA V Advantage Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer



  a.GasBench-II Interface and sample preparation device

  b.Thermostated sample tray for 96 sample vials of 10ml size each

  c.Carbonate option for Gas Bench-II. Incl. Acid pump.

  d.ConFlo IV Universal Interface for all Continuous Flow preparation devices.

  e.Elemental Analyser Flash HT with single oven reactor for C, N, S and second high temperature reactor for H,O, includes MAS200R autosampler.

  f. GC IsoLink for C, N - DSQ II package including TRACE GC ULTRA

  g.NIST 05 libraries (190k spectra) with structures.

  h. Finnigan Pesticide library (Xcalibur/NIST format)