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Research Divisions

Research Centre for Green Development of Silk Road

As one of the five research units of the Institute, the Research Centre for Green Development of Silk Road is an important platform for international cooperation research along Silk Road.

Featuring multidisciplinary and integrated research on natural science and humanities and social sciences, the Centre aims at the international frontiers of science and technology, focusing on the scientific research and talent cultivation, strengthen the construction of data centres and think tanks for Central Asia. Aiming at the green development needs of the "Economic Belt of Silk Road" strategic initiative, the Centre devotes to the breakthrough of fundamental theories, core technologies, system governance and integrated management.

The Centre has systematically carried out theoretical innovation, technology development and application demonstration on the following aspects, 1) ecological environment monitoring, evaluation and data integration, 2) ecosystem simulation, integrated assessment and conservation, 3) agricultural management and desertification prevention, 4) demonstration of coordinated development of regional economy and society.

The Centre is guided to cultivate high-level talent for green development and to build a high-end talent training and international exchange centre for the Belt and Road. The centre is oriented to solve the issues of ecological environment and sustainable development along the Silk Road. It will become a first-class platform of scientific and technological innovation for "green development research", provide a strong scientific and technological services, support and guarantee for the construction of national "Green Silk Road".

The Centre focuses on solving the contradiction between ecological environment constraints and socio-economic development in arid regions and ensuring the important proposition of green sustainable development. The Centre has presided over the national and international key projects, e.g. National key Basic Research Program of China, UNEP and UNDP programmes and etc. The Centre won the first prize of the Science and Technology Progress Award of the Autonomous Region, the Outstanding Contribution Award, the Friendship Award of the Chinese Government and the Tianshan Prize of China, and many other important awards at the national and provincial levels. The output of the centre was highly praised that established its leading position in the field of international cooperation in resources and environment in Central/Western Asia.

The Centre has a research team with strong operational capabilities and rich experience in international cooperation, covering geography, ecology, 3S (remote sensing, GIS, GPS), biology, climate and meteorology, environmental science and other disciplines. As of December 2020, the Centre has 37 employees, 2 Post-doctors and 5 project-hired staff, including 12 full professors/senior engineers and 10 associate professors/senior engineers.


Director: LI Yaoming

E-mail: lym@ms.xjb.ac.cn 

Tel: 0991-7827357