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Supporting System

Tianshan Station for Snowcover & Avalanche Research, XIEG, CAS


Tianshan Station for Snow-cover and Avalanche Research (TSSAR), established in 1967, is located in the territory of Nalati township, Xinyuan county, Xinjiang, beside Kunse river in the upstream of Yili river valley in the western section of the Tianshan mountains at latitude 43° 16′ N and longitude 84° 24′ E with an elevation of 1776 m above sea level. Tianshan Mountains have a typical continental snow climate. According to long term observation, the mean annual temperature at the TSSAR is approximately 1.4°C, and monthly minimum (January) and maximum (July) average temperatures are ?17.7°C and 15.0°C, respectively. Average annual precipitation is 870 mm and solid precipitation in the cold season accounts for more than 30% of annual precipitation. Average snow depth in the station is 78 cm and annual Snow-cover days are 150 Days.


The Station was established originally for protecting roads across Tianshan Mountains from snow-blowing and Avalanche. Currently it has a total land area of 16 hectares with the facilities for recording meteorological and hydrological parameters as well as conducting indoor cryogenic experiments. 


Avalanche testing system


Main Tasks 

Aiming at the key scientific and technological problems in the field of snow resources and disasters in Tianshan Mountains and surrounding regions, Main tasks carried by TSSAR include Monitoring, Research, Demonstration and education. Monitoring focuses on parameters related to climate, soil, Water, vegetation etc., Research on patterns and processes related to snowpack dynamics, Demonstration on the technologies for preventing snow-related disasters, and Education on postgraduate Degree program, training and science popularization.  


Research Domains 

The station focuses on the fundamental studies on patterns and processes related to snow resources service functions, snow hydrology and disaster prevention. Main research topics include: 

(1) Snow resource and its ecological service function; 

(2) Snow disaster monitoring and process simulation;  

(3) Snow hydrological simulation and water resource management. 


Dr. Li Lanhai 

Tel (+86-991) 7823125 

E-mail: lilh@ms.xjb.ac.cn