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Supporting System

Pamirs Ecosystem Scientific Research Station

Located in the western Pamir Plateau, the scientific research station was established in 2017. The station is set in the Taxkorgan Tajik Autonomous County, 298 kilometers from Kashi city. The county shares the border with Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, is the main international corridor for Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

The establishment of the Pamir station will further strengthen China's cooperation with neighboring countries and international organizations, highlight China's international status in Pamir regional scientific research, and provide scientific and technological support for "the Belt and Road Initiative".

With its unique ecosystem and rich plateau biodiversity, the Pamir is an ideal place to study the adaptation mechanisms of high-altitude distribution species to the extreme plateau environment. The station could strengthen the research work on the protection of ecological ecosystem, management of water resource, monitoring and conservation of biodiversity, evaluation of rangeland productivity, adaptation of climate change, alert and forecast of natural disaster. Furthermore, the establishment of the station can also promote the monitoring ability and management level, serve social stability and lasting security in Kashi prefecture, facilitate poverty alleviation and prosperity of local communities, and provide the necessary services and support for the construction China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.



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