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Flash Flood Risk May Triple Across Third Pole Due to Global Warming [2021-05-08]
How Rhizosphere Microorganisms of Deep-rooted Leguminous Plant Respond to Water and Nitrogen Changes [2021-03-02]
Study: Response of Nodulation and Nitrogen Fixation to Salt Stress in a Desert Legume, Alhagi Sparsifolia [2020-12-28]
Researchers Reveal the Response Strategies of Dominant Desert Plants to Variations of Major Environmental Factors in Arid Regions [2020-12-18]
Researchers Revealed the Influence of Salinity and Algae Biomass on Mercury Cycling Genes and Bacterial Communities in Lake Sediments in Arid Region [2020-12-14]
Researchers reveal the mechanism of interaction between heavy metal (metalloid) elements and fungi [2020-12-11]
Scientists Uncovered Biogeographic Distribution Patterns of Bacterial Communities in Saline Agricultural Soil [2020-11-21]
Scientists Clarified the Phylogeographical History and Conservation Units of the Endangered Wild Apple Tree [2020-11-09]
Scientists Unveiled and Characterized Four Episodes of Large-Scale Gene Duplications in the Evolutionary Past of Mosses [2020-11-05]
Scientists Verified the Evolution Characteristics and Drivers of Groundwater in the Oasis of Dried-up River in Tarim Basin [2020-10-23]
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