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The report and annual meeting about the progress of a research project from the National Science-technological Support Program in the “Eleventh Five-year Plan” was successfully held


  From January 14 to 15, 2009, the report and annual meeting about progress of the research project of “Study and Demonstration on Sustainable Exploitation and Utilization of Water and Land Resources in the Yili River Basin, Xinjiang”, sponsored by Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences and undertook by Key Laboratory of Oasis Ecology and Desert Environment, was successfully held at Tu-Ha Hotel in Urumqi. The research project was applied from the National Science-technological Support Program in the “Eleventh Five-year Plan” of China.

  Professor Chen Yaning, the chief scientist of the research project, reported the progress of the research project at first. He introduced the research project in detail from 5 aspects including the implementing situation, progress, investment, organization and management, and next working emphases. The emphases of the research project are to provide the solutions of some important scientific issues, such as the key technical issues in sustainable exploitation and utilization of water and land resources, and the high efficiency and sustainability of the harmonization of ecological and economic processes in modern agricultural production. Concretely, the research project is to research, develop and demonstrate the water-saving irrigation technique focusing on efficient utilization of water resources, soil fertilization technique dominated by biological improvement, efficient production techniques for animal husbandry, planting industry and forest-fruit industry, and techniques for water and soil conservation, ecological security and ecosystem management.

  The research project has been smoothly undertaken and the planned annual goals were achieved since the project was started from 2008.