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  Brief Introduction of Xinjiang Association for Scientific Expedition

  There are about 300 members, 8 group members and 35 council members in Xinjiang Association for Scientific Expedition (XJASE in abbreviation).

  The association is a nonprofit regional scientific organization, it was legally registered and established, and is voluntarily composed of the scientific and technological working personnel who are interested in scientific expedition and the personnel who support scientific expedition.

  In the activities of the association, the participators abide by the constitution, laws, rules and national policies as well as the social moralities, solidify all the scientific and technological working personnel and social public, probe and understand the natural mysteries, understand and follow the development laws of the nature and conserve the ecological balance so as to promote the rational exploitation, utilization and sustainable development of natural resources, promote the integration and development of scientific and technological undertakings and sports and tourist facilities, and train the hobbledehoys to have the courage to probe and advocate science and the incessant aggressive energy. Academically, the practical and realistic attitude, energy of carrying forward and deferring to science are advocated, and the mutual understanding and cooperation among the expedition parties and explorers are encouraged so as to make the contribution to the expedition development in Xinjiang and even in China.

  The businesses of Xinjiang Association for Scientific Expedition are to develop the expedition projects in Xinjiang and carry out the multi-form scientific expedition activities, especially the alpine scientific expedition, glacier-snow scientific expedition, scientific expedition in depopulated zones, large-river scientific expedition, scientific expeditions about lakes, swamps and burrows, polar scientific expedition, scientific expedition in deserts, fire-balloon and upper-air scientific expeditions, scientific expedition about rare animals, scientific expeditions under special conditions and in special regions, scientific investigations and special traveling. The businesses are also to carry out the academic activities related to scientific expedition, scientific popularization, consultation and training, organize and undertake the studies on resources environment and sustainable development in special regions so as to put forward the rational development strategies for exploiting, utilizing and conserving natural resources and the suggestions related to scientific expeditions and scientific investigations, and report the opinions and requirements of scientific explorers to the relative management departments of the government.

  The association is dependent on Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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