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Job Announcement: Seeking Postdoctor (Special Research Assistant)


Established in 1961, the Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography (XIEG), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), stands as a beacon of scientific and technological advancement in Xinjiang. Focusing on major scientific and technological challenges, XIEG conducts cutting-edge research in ecology, environment, and resources in arid regions, and supports the Silk Road Economic Belt initiative and the goal of social stability and security in Xinjiang.

XIEG specializes in ecological and environmental monitoring and evaluation, mineral exploration and environmental governance, sustainable utilization of biological resources in arid regions, income enhancement for farmers and herdsmen, and regional green development, in Xinjiang and Central Asia. XIEG ranks first globally in publication on arid land water resources and oasis scientific research, and has entered the top 1% of the Essential Science Indicators (ESI) in five disciplines (Earth Science, Environment/Ecology, Plant and Animal Science, Agricultural Science, and Engineering Science).

In addition, XIEG has garnered over 300 awards at different levels, including two UNEP Awards and nearly 40 national ones.

At present, XIEG has established an array of research platforms, including the State Key Laboratory of Desert and Oasis Ecology, National Engineering Technology Research Center for Desert-Oasis Ecological Construction, Xinjiang Research Center for Mineral Resources, Silk Road Green Development Research Center, and Xinjiang Tourism Academy. XIEG has established 12 field stations in China, and 19 field stations overseas.

Furthermore, XIEG houses ten majors for master degree, i.e., physical geography, human geography, environmental science, botany, ecology, soil and water conservation, desertification control, cartography, geographical information systems, earth exploration and information technology, resources and environment, and biology and medicine.

XIEG also offers six majors for doctoral degree, covering physical geography, human geography, botany, ecology, cartography and geographic information systems (GIS), as well as earth exploration and information technology.

For post-doctor fellow, XIEG has four research stations: Geography, Ecology, Biology, Geological Resources and Geological Engineering. To further cultivate innovative talents, XIEG is actively seeking full-time postdoctoral researchers (special research assistants) from China and abroad. The specific requirements are outlined as follows.

I. Qualified applicants

We welcome applications from doctoral graduates, overseas returnees, and exceptional young scholars, specializing in the following fields: physical geography, human geography, environmental science, botany, ecology, soil and water conservation, desertification control, cartography, geographic information system (GIS), earth exploration, information technology, resources and environment, biology, and medicine.

II. Basic Requirements

1.        Applicants should exhibit a commitment to scientific research, adhere to scientific research ethics, maintain academic integrity, and uphold honesty and trustworthiness.

2.        Applicants should be in good health and preferably under 35 years of age. Exceptions to the age limit may be considered for individuals with exceptional capabilities.

3.        Applicants should have obtained a doctoral degree, or successfully defended a doctoral dissertation.

4.        Applicants should demonstrate strong research and innovation capabilities, with significant achievements in research, and must present at least two representative papers showcasing their research capabilities.

III. Application Procedures

1. Applicants should compile the following electronic documents into a single PDF file and submit them to the designated email. The email subject should follow this format: “Postdoctoral Application - Intended Team to Be Collaborated With - Intended Supervisor to Be Collaborated With - Applicant’s Name”.

The application materials should include the following:

(1) Prior to submission, applicants must contact the co-supervisor and complete the Postdoctoral Research Proposal of XIEG. This should be submitted after receiving acceptance from the co-supervisor.

(2) Scanned copies of ID card or passport, education degree, research achievement, awards, and other relevant documents;

(3) A scanned copy of a self-recommendation letter with the applicant’s signature;

(4) Two recommendation letters from peer experts;

2. Eligible applicants will participate in postdoctoral defense (a 15-minute PPT presentation and a 10-minute defense). Their performance will be evaluated by a panel of experts;

3. Upon completion of the defense process, a public announcement of candidate list will be issued. If no objections are received, candidates will have a medical examination at the designated hospital.

IV. Management

Upon appointment, postdoctoral researchers will engage in research activities at the Postdoctoral Research Station. Upon entry into the station, they will be directly appointed as Special Research Assistants of CAS.

The contract period is three years and can be renewed upon its expiration.

V. Benefits package

(1) Performance-based salary equivalent to sub-senior positions and social insurances, with average annual salary exceeding RMB 200,000 and no upper limit for exceptionally outstanding talents.

(2) Provide transitional housing or housing subsidies to eligible talents.

(3) Job promotion, recommendation and application for various projects, and vacation and physical examinations.

(4) Those qualified may apply for the CAS Special Research Assistant Fund, receiving RMB 800,000 as his/her total salary.

(5) Postdoctoral fellows (special research assistants) demonstrating outstanding performance may apply for corresponding talent programs of CAS upon the expiration of contract.

(6) Those with excellent achievements after the post-doctoral research can sign a contract with XIEG as a faculty member.

VI. Validity period

This recruitment notice is valid in a long term.

Contact: Mr. LIU, 0991-7885319, liuxiang@ms.xjb.ac.cn

Address: No.818, Beijing South Road, Xinshi District, Urumqi City, Xinjiang