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  Department of Oasis Ecology and Oasis Agriculture
  Department of Desert Environment and Ecological Restoration
  Department of Environmental Pollution and Process Control
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  Department of Biogeography and Bioresource
  Department of Space-to-ground Observation and System Simulation
  Department of Human-Earth System and Regional Development
  Department of Central Asian Cooperation and Coordinated Development
  State Key Laboratory of Desert and Oasis Ecology
  Key Laboratory of Oasis Ecology and Desert Environment, CAS
  Key Laboratory of Biogeography and Bioresource in Arid Land, CAS
  Xinjiang Research Center for Mineral Resources, CAS
  Xingjiang Key Laboratory of Remote Sensing and Geography Information System
  Xinjiang Key Laboratory of Water Cycle and Water Utilization in Arid Area
  The Central Laboratory, XIEG
  National Engineering Technology Research Center for Desert-Oasis Ecological Construction
  International Center For Arid Land Ecdogy
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  State Key Laboratory of Desert and Oasis Ecology


The Laboratory takes desert and oasis ecosystems as objectives and studies the desert ecosystems stability and their protection, oasis ecological process and sustainability, cooperative evolution process of mountain-oasis-desert ecosystems and regional surface process simulation. The aims are to reveal evolution process of desert and oasis ecosystems under the global climate change and human activities, and to clarify interaction mechanism of water-ecology-economy. Furthermore, the Laboratory will put forward countermeasures of resources reasonable utilization in arid areas and ecosystem sustainable management in order to serve for economic and social sustainable development.

Research Fields

(1) Desert ecological process and desertification prevention

(2) Oasis ecological process and sustainable management

(3) Eco-hydrological process and water resources utilization

(4) Mountain-oasis-desert ecosystems process and regional integrated simulation


There are 57 research staffs in the Laboratory, including 21 professors, 28 associate professors. Since 2008, 9 scientists of Hundred Talents Program have been recruited.

There are currently 146 students in the Laboratory, including 102 PhD candidates and 44 MSc candidates. And there are 16 postdoctoral.


Director: Dr. CHEN Yaning

Tel: +86-991-7823169

E-mail: chenyn@ms.xjb.ac.cn


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